18:29 | January 18, 2018

On my mind

on my mind

January is not my favorite month, well this month I’m launching the swimwear collection together with Josefin so that’s pretty exciting;), but other than that it’s such a dark and slow month. Right after christmas and new years I start longing for spring and summer, who else? So with that said I’m sharing some inspiration from my Pinterest, I think instagram and Pinterest is filled with nice inspiration right now and I have so much to look forward to this spring summer. It’s less than 6 months left to our wedding, and for our honeymoon we’ve been talking about going to Italy. I’ll also be going to Italy next month to shoot another exciting thing! Will tell you guys more about that later! Xx

18:45 | January 4, 2018

New Year, New adventures!

kristin sundberg x na-kd

Swimwear from J&K Swim x Na-kd, launching end of January!

Hey angels!
New year and lots of exciting things happening already! I started the new year with finally become a part of the WeAreCube family, so many inspiring and creative people working with cube so I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.
Second big thing in focus right now is my Swimwear line I’m creating together with one of my best friends, Josefin. It’s launching end of January so we’re currently working on the last details for the launch and we’re also working on a really fun launching event! This is probably my favorite collection of all so far, it’s been so much fun doing this together with one of my closest friends and every single piece is just perfect! Can’t wait to see you guys rock it and I promise I’ll share many fun things around the launch so stay tuned! 😀

10:59 | December 19, 2017

Save the date – Our wedding

wedding plans

Been longing to make this post but I really have had the busiest couple of weeks lately so now I finally had time to shoot and take time to write this post.

I searched around for a while to find someone to make our invitations, table cards, save the date cards etc for our wedding. And one day I came across the sweetest girl Sanna on instagram, her work at lovelyprints_se caught my heart right away so I emailed her the second I found her instagram and I was so happy when she told me she wanted to help us create the perfect designs for our wedding. She has literally been answering my emails in 2 seconds and when I’ve changed my mind (like I’ve done about 100 times) she has sent me new options in a sec!
After a lot of emailing and decision making we finally decided to go for a pretty simple but romantic style for the save the date cards. For me this was a pretty big decision since we wanna try to keep a color theme through out the entire wedding. That’s why we ended up going for a pretty simple design on the wedding cards so that it wouldn’t be too big of a deal if we (I) changed my mind again;). I really wanted to have a seal (the gold mark) on every envelope for a more “luxury” feeling and I think it turned out so so good! Don’t you agree? It makes the whole invitation more fun! 😉
For the actual wedding invitations we’re going to have a seal with our initials on and I’m so excited for that! Sanna has literally been the biggest help and I’m so happy we decided to contact her. If you wanna check out more of her work, go to her page, here!

17:06 | December 17, 2017

Kristin Sundberg x NA-KD

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My Collection

Polkadot dress here | Black off the shoulder dress here

Pants here | Top here  

Off the shoulder blouse, here | One shoulder knit, here, silver skirt, here

One shoulder top, here | Polka dot skirt, here

Pink suiting pants, here | Pink blazer here

Hey angels!

I thought since my blog is up and running again I’m at least going to try to blog a little more often. Most of you might have seen my collection in collaboration with NA-KD fashion already but I thought I would still make a post about it since I like to collect these kind of memories here on the blog. It’s like my dairy and I can admit that I’ve missed blogging quite a bit. I hope you guys like that I’m back as well;)

8:46 | December 16, 2017

New start


Top from na-kd, here! Skirt from na-kd, similar here! Hat from lack of colors! Jewelry from my collection (sold out but will be restocked)

Hey guys! Looooong time no see! I’m excited to post this post today because I’ve moved my blog to a new platform. I’m so excited to start working with my new team and to have all these creative and inspiring influencer around me.

I won’t blog as much as I used to do, but I’m going to blog more often than I’ve done in the past. Hehe..

So in the past three days I’ve been in three different countries, went to Mallorca for tree days to shoot the swimwear collection me and my friend Josefin are going to launch together in the end of January. The collection is so so good and I’m sure you guys are gonna love it as well!! However then I took a plane back to ZĂŒrich and drove to Davos to pick up all our stuff plus anton (with a broken foot) and then we drove back to ZĂŒrich to catch a plane to Sweden. So now we are home to celebrate Christmas and New Years and I’m so happy about it since We wasn’t suppose to make it home for Christmas this year either but when anton broke his foot they told him we could go home for a bit 🙂

21:28 | August 28, 2017

Exciting projects


This week is all about finishing up the last things and spend as much time as possible with our loved ones before we’re moving back to Vancouver on Thursday. I’m currently working on so many fun things coming this winter and I know you guys are gonna love it! Can you guess what it is?;) So I’ll be back in Sweden again in January for some of the things I’m working on right now and I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it!


Denna vecka fixar vi med de sista detaljerna innan vi rör oss tillbaka till Vancouver. Ska försöka spendera sĂ„ mycket tid som möjligt med vĂ€nner och familj de sista dagarna hemma, jag kommer dock Ă„ka hem till Sverige igen en svĂ€ng i Januari. Har massvis med kul pĂ„ gĂ„ng som jag tror att ni kommer Ă€lska! Kan ni gissa vad? 😀 Puss! 

16:31 | August 22, 2017

One more week at home

Interior & Decor
IMG_0264 IMG_0280 IMG_0299 IMG_0301

Hey Fellows!
The lighting was pure perfection today so I had to take some shot of our bedroom. This weekend we’re cleaning out our place again to head back to Vancouver. It’s been so amazing to spend a couple of months at home with friends and family but I’m excited to get back to Vancouver again although I’m going to miss everyone so much!  Anyways, today I stared my day with some office work and then I went for a well deserved facial at “villastaden hudvĂ„rd” in my hometown. It’s my favorite facial of all times, I’m thinking of going a couple of times before our wedding next spring so my skin looks glowing for the big day!
Hej raringar! 
Det var sĂ„ himla fint sensommar ljus i lĂ€genheten idag sĂ„ jag passade pĂ„ att ta nĂ„gra nya bilder av sovrummet. I helgen stĂ€dar vi ur lĂ€genheten igen för att nĂ€sta vecka bege oss tillbaka till Vancouver. Det har varit sĂ„ hĂ€rligt att spendera nĂ„gra mĂ„nader hemma med familj och vĂ€nner men jag ser fram emot att komma tillbaka till Vancouver igen. Hursomhelst, idag började jag dagen med lite kontorsjobb och frukost med svĂ€rmor sen gick jag ivĂ€g pĂ„ en vĂ€lförtjĂ€nd ansiktsbehandling, mitt ansikte behövde verkligen lite kĂ€rlek sĂ„ nu strĂ„lar hyn, precis vad jag behövde efter sommaren! Johanna pĂ„ villastaden hudvĂ„rd i GĂ€vle Ă€r verkligen sĂ„ himla duktig, alltid sĂ„ himla nöjd nĂ€r jag varit dĂ€r. Har tĂ€nkt jag ska gĂ„ hos henne nĂ„gra gĂ„nger innan bröllopet nĂ€sta sommar sĂ„ jag kan kĂ€nna mig “glowing” pĂ„ den stora dagen. Mindre Ă€n ett Ă„r kvar nu, sĂ„ lĂ„t planeringen börja, pĂ„ allvar! 😀 Kram pĂ„ er! 

11:44 | August 8, 2017


Daily,Interior & Decor

Yesterday I went for lunch with my mother in law and then we stopped by this beautiful place, I’m obsessed with this studio, would move in there in a heartbeat!;) So gorgeous and I love all their interior decoration, they make beautiful things in linen, curtains, bed skirts, sheets, couch covers, headboards, you name it! The store/cafĂ© is not quite opened yet but I think they will open soon and when they do, I’ll be having coffee there every day;) Such inspiring studio.
IgĂ„r var jag och svĂ€rmor och kĂ€kade lunch pĂ„ stan, sen drog vi till Caravansarai, kanske dom har vĂ€rldens finaste lokal? Skulle flytta in dĂ€r pĂ„ en hundradels-sekund! Älskar varje liten detalj dĂ€r inne. Dom syr upp massa fint i grekisk linne tror jag det Ă€r, sĂ€ngklĂ€der, sĂ€nggavlar, sofföverdrag, kuddfodral, plĂ€dar, you name it! Dom har inte riktigt slagit upp dörrarna Ă€n vad jag förstĂ„r det som, men det ska vĂ€l sĂ„ smĂ„ningom bli litet cafĂ©/butik om jag fattat de rĂ€tt! Hoppas dom öppnar snart iallafall för dĂ„ kommer jag hĂ€nga dĂ€r en hel del;) SĂ„ inspirerande lokal. 

11:39 | August 4, 2017

For Sale

Interior & Decor
kristinsundberg-styling- IMG_0253 IMG_0198 IMG_0212 IMG_0211 IMG_0208 IMG_0217 IMG_0225

Hey Babes, long time no see! I’ve decided I’m just gonna be blogging when I actually have something to share, so get used to gaps between the posts. I’ve realized I don’t have time posting as much as I used to since I’m working on so many other things besides blogging. However, I thought I would share this styling project I’ve been working on the past week. I’m gonna show you before pictures later but in the meantime I’ll show you the result.
This is the house I grew up in so it’s very special to to me, my mom is selling it since she’s building a new house so let’s say it’s bitter sweet. If you wanna see more pictures you can click here!


Hej raringar, lĂ€nge sen jag kikade in hĂ€r nu! Jag har bestĂ€mt att jag inte kommer att blogga lika kontinuerligt som jag gjort tidigare utan ni fĂ„r vĂ€nja er med lite mellanrum mellan inlĂ€ggen sĂ„ kommer jag blogga nĂ€r jag faktiskt har nĂ„got speciellt att dela med mig av. Anledningen till detta Ă€r att jag har sĂ„ mĂ„nga andra projekt pĂ„ sidan av bloggen just nu att bloggen inte kĂ€nns som första prioritering. Hursomhelst, tĂ€nkte att jag skulle dela med mig av detta styling-projekt jag jobbat med den senaste veckan. De hĂ€r Ă€r alltsĂ„ de hus jag vĂ€xt upp i, min mamma ska sĂ€lja dĂ„ hon bygger ett helt nytt hus. SĂ„ det Ă€r en bitter sweet kĂ€nsla. Är sĂ„ spĂ€nd att se resultatet av de nya huset men sĂ„ ledsen att vi mĂ„ste sĂ€ga hejdĂ„ till detta fina hus<3. Hursomhelst, Ă€r ni intresserad av att köpa eller bara vill se mer bilder sĂ„ klicka hĂ€r!