17:29 | October 24, 2012



oatmeal with some love in, a cup of tea and of course my blog. That’s how my morning look like today before I’m heading out for a run, it’s already 21 degrees so an outdoor run will be perfect. 
20:12 | October 23, 2012


The last couple days I’ve been sick and today I finally feel better again! So now it’s time for an outdoor long distance run. Shorts from nike / sports bra from Adidas. Later XX 
2:58 | October 23, 2012

Chicago Riverwalk


Pants and sweat from H&M / Jacket from Lindex / Bag from LV 
Today we went downtown, it was 20 degrees and fresh air, so it was a perfect day for a walk at the chicago river and also for a visit in the Millenium Park. Later XX
18:59 | October 22, 2012

Right before

I’ll start this morning with my blog and a hot cup of tea, so now I’m off for brunch at wildbearrys with love. Later! 
23:19 | October 20, 2012

Gym clothes


Shorts from Nike pro/ sports bra from Under armour / Top from Nike
Gym clothes is something that I never can get too much of.