18:08 | November 30, 2012

A Random

Good morning! It’s time for me to hit the gym. Have been taken time off from training for a few days, so now I have too much energy to get rid of! 
God morgon! Jag har tagit ledigt från träningen i några dagar, så nu har jag alldeles för mycket energi att göra mig av med. Vet knappt vart jag ska börja, vill att hela kroppen ska jobba idag! Men tror att jag måste lugna mig och ta ett parti i taget. 
2:28 | November 27, 2012

Monday wearing


Sneakers from Aldo / Belt from H&M / Pants and top from Choies / Jacket from bubbelroom 
2:01 | November 27, 2012

Summer Memories



I wanna watch the sunset with my friends, have my mom over for dinner, holding hands in the summer heat, look out over the sea from a mountain top, have the girls over for coffee and girl talk, go for a long walk and cuddle in bed with our beautiful dog, have a rest in a boat with my best friends, I wanna eat fresh fruit and have tanned legs,  Yep, it’s obvious, miss summer! 
2:02 | November 26, 2012

Sunday wearing


Jeans and clutch from H&M / Shoes from Zara / Top from Choies / Jacket from Lindex /