3:39 | November 16, 2012



Today I have been grocery shopping with my friend Kaitlin fom Canada, w canned goods for the food drive. . It’s getting dark and cold even in chicago now so we bought food to donate to those who can not afford it. I really appreciate to be a part of the charity that we do here in Chicago. Last month it was the month of breast cancers so we sold “stick it to breast cancer,” to raise money to donate. You can read more about it here 

Later, XX! 
23:03 | November 14, 2012

Simply Wednesday


Shirt from Gt / T-shirt from Topshop/ jacket from bubbelroom / Jeans from H&M / Shoes from Zara / Bag from LV /
2:10 | November 14, 2012



Pants and Knit from H&M / Shoes from Zara / Bag from Michael Kors / Sunnies from Rayban / Hat from Arden B 
23:37 | November 12, 2012

Monday the 12:th


Jeans from cubus / Belt and Kniw from H&M / Shoes and hat from Zara / Bag from LV / Sunnies from Rayban 
It’s creepy how the temperature can changes in a day, yesterday we had 18 ° C and today we almost had zero degrees here in Chicago. Later XX! 
22:27 | November 11, 2012



Shirt from F21 / Jacket from Bubbelroom / Bag and watch from Michael Kors / Shoes from Zara / Jeans and belt from H&M