14:13 | January 26, 2013

january 25th

Wearing- Jeans from F21 / Shoes and coat from Choies / Bag from Zara 
A very simple outfit that I found on my computer today.  Another one will be up on my blog later, so stay tuned!
22:48 | January 25, 2013

Save your words

Wearing- Heels from Jeffrey Campbell / Jeans from H&M / Bag from LV / Faux fur from Nastygal.com / Shirt, hat and necklace from F21 
0:30 | January 25, 2013

January 24th



Wearing- Pants from F21 (here) / Heels from Zara / Knit from F21 / Jacket from H&M and Lindex (wearing double) / Sunnies from Rayban 
19:24 | January 24, 2013



Wearing- Pants and coat from choies / Shoes from Aldo / Bag and Scarf from Zara / Shirt from F21 / Beanie from American Apparel / Belt from H&M 
22:19 | January 23, 2013

January 23th

Wearing- Pants, gloves and turtleneck from H&M / Jacket and shoes from choies / Bag from Zara 
First of all, sorry for late update. I locked myself out! For the second I wasn’t very happy about the snow… But anyway, here is today’s outfit! 
12:17 | January 23, 2013



Me in the morning light. Today’s outfit will be up here later! 
16:07 | January 22, 2013

1,500 Feet

Three pictures from a night with my friend downtown few weeks ago, magic! It’s a 1,500 feet (457.2 m) high building, isn’t that amazing? 
I will work all day today, so this is a timed post. Will be working with a volunteer job just like I did last year at this time. You will be able to read about that on the website I’m writing for (will link it here later) Well, have a wonderful day everyone!
4:14 | January 22, 2013

On My Mind


I have a similar skirt already but I wouldn’t mind the rest of it. I’ve loved the celine paris bag since the very first time. I’m useually not a boots girl but those boots are to die for! The pullover sweat from Nelly(!) no words needed, right? I want to match it all together, perfection.