4:02 | January 17, 2013

Better than expected

Just ran 45 minutes on the treadmill. I’m surprised that it feels so good after only three days! Guess I have too much energy to get rid of after three weeks rest
21:39 | January 16, 2013

January 16th

Wearing / Skirt from F21 / Leather jacket from Zara / Coat from Choies / Gloves from MQ / Hat from Akira / 
23:54 | January 15, 2013


Leather Jacket from Zara / Turtleneck from H&M / Faux fur from nastygal.com (from last year) / Sunnies from rayban
Lots of furs right now, I like it and it keeps me warm as well! 
20:25 | January 15, 2013

Back On Track


It was tough but nice to be back at the gym again after three weeks of rest. My whole body already hurts from yesterday’s workout. But today, there’s no excuses! 
14:03 | January 15, 2013

that’s what you thought you heard them say*

Last pictures from our trip! 
My friend just returned back to Sweden again! It’s so empty to not have her next to me anymore, three weeks went by way too fast! Now I have things to catch up with these days but the update will be better than earlier. Later! 
7:33 | January 14, 2013

I want to face it all again!

Few pictures from our Miami trip. I have to say that I miss Miami already! It’s so cold here in chicago right now but it’s still nice to be home again!
17:31 | January 13, 2013

Last sun

Yesterday afternoon at miami beach. Wearing a San Francisco sweater from F21. This short trip has been amazing! Now I’m off to chicago again so see U later everyone!