22:30 | March 31, 2013

Blue Bird


Photographed by Ross Dettman 
Wearing- H&M Trousers / F21 blazer / Lindex Shirt 
18:17 | March 31, 2013

Ready for takeoff


It’s about noon here in chicago, and before I’m heading to the airport I’m off for a last brunch at my favorite brunch place. Will miss Chicago and all the amazing people I’ve met during my time here. 
21:47 | March 30, 2013

So Long America


Wearing- H&M Trousers & shirt / Choies Sweatshirt / Zara Jacket / F21 Shoes / Rayban Shades / This might be the last outfit post from Chicago this year. It feels sad to leave this beautiful city but in the same time I’m so excited to go home and see my family and friends again! I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon so in the meantime you will get some timed posts here in the blog. 

Happy easter to all of you!

18:50 | March 29, 2013

Grey Shades


Wearing- Lindex jeans / Åhlens Knit / F21 shirt / Zara Leather jacket / H&M belt 
Yesterday I was working with the amazing photographer Ross Dettman again. 
16:02 | March 27, 2013

American Style

This is America- more is more! 
The other day we went to my favorite brunch place, Wildberries. They have (as you can see above) the most amazing pancakes in chicago (my oppinion).Tons of pancakes with strawberrys, blueberrys and whipped cream- that’s my cup of tea. I mean look at it!? Looks so yummy (and unhealthy, lol) I guess the only bad thing is that I can only eat two of them before I’m over full so it feels a little bit waste of food sometimes. But I only have a couple of days left here in Chicago before I’m heading back to Sweden again so better take every opportunity to enjoy my time here!
I’ll give you today’s outfit later as well! 
23:44 | March 26, 2013

Chicago Spring


Wearing- GT Jeans / Zara bag and shoes / Lindex Jacket / F21 top / Michael kors watch / Rayban shades /