4:50 | March 24, 2013

Kill’em with kindness

I actually had today’s outfit for you earlier but then I accidently deleted all my pictures from Iphoto(!) So what it looks like now almost all my photos are gone from my computer… I really, really hope my boyfriend can fix it when he’s back home again, otherwise I’ll cry blood. Seriously. I can’t believe they are all gone! How could this happen to me? I didn’t even do anything??- Or did I? Lol. Well, later lovers! 
19:53 | March 23, 2013

All those little things


Above you can see pictures from my saturday morning. I woke up early, the sun was shining in chicago and the birds were singing outside. I went up and did some morning yoga and then I had this yummy breakfast above with a lot of fresh fruit. Now I’m in bed again after a shower, I have this song on repeat and my window is open so I can get some fresh air inside. Soon I’ll get ready to meet the girls at mall- have a wonderful day everyone! 
14:43 | March 23, 2013



Two of my favorites from the awesome blogger Fanny Lyckman’s collection for Estadur. You can find the whole collection here
16:34 | March 22, 2013

Inhale- Exhale- Release

Yesterday I had so much energy, I went to the gym in the morning (before breakfast) I ran in 30 minutes and then I killed my legs, butt and back. Few hours later I felt that I still had so much energy to get rid of so I went to the gym again, ran in 30 minutes and then I worked my arms, stomach and shoulders. Now I’m off to the gym again (before breakfast) My butt is sore like hell today so I’ll probably stay on the treadmill for an hour, just let my legs work in a calm pace. Later people! 
23:02 | March 21, 2013

All black


Wearing- H&M Pants and Top / Zara shoes and leather jacket / F21 Clutch / Rayban shades / Michael kors watch
You know those days when nothing looks good on? When I have days like that I don’t try to “over do” it so I just go all black, I mean nothing can go wrong with black! 
14:47 | March 21, 2013



Wearing- Lindex jeans / H&M hat, shirt and shoes / MQ gloves / Zara coat and scarf / Michael kors Bag 
This is how I looked like when we went for dinner the other night. 
22:49 | March 20, 2013

Blue Pattern


wearing- H&M pants / Agaci shoes / Lv bag / F21 blazer / Bubbelroom (Vila) coat / Clubs & spades t-shirt / Rayban shades