0:47 | April 26, 2013

I’ll make it up for you

Pictures from my day.. 
Today’s update has been bad, I’m aware of that. My internet has been down pretty much all day and I’ve been busy doing other things as well. Had lunch with some really cool people, laughed a lot, went almost straight to the gym with my sis (went shooting first), worked out my lower body as you can see above, then I ended my day with a late meeting that made me really happy! So now it’s time for me to sleep, need to get up at 6 tomorrow! Later lovers. 

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  1. Amani on

    Fina bilder! En fråga bara, är det inte pinsamt att fota sig själv med systemkamera på gymmet? Jag hade tyckt att det var jättepinsamt hehe =)


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