11:19 | April 17, 2013

A favorite kind


One of my favorite mornings are when my friends are coming over early for breakfast. In this case my dear friend Ida came to my place at around 9 to take our dog Turtle for a walk while I made us this yummy breakfast above. Now I’m working on a post for a website while Ida is studying next to me. 
23:34 | April 16, 2013

Beat It


Went to the gym with my sister and mom this afternoon, I worked my lower body and back. Right after I met my friend Ida for a long walk before we went to my place for a cup of tea and more girl talk. 
15:44 | April 16, 2013

Gril In Black


Wearing- Top and trousers from H&M / Bag & shoes from Zara / Gina tricot skirt / Michael kors watch / Madlady Bracelet 
11:44 | April 16, 2013

Daily Routine


My morning routine..
What a lovely weather we have today!! I can’t miss this opportunity to go out and take some good pics for you! My sister Emma are shooting me today so I’m off to pick her up now! Xx later! 
18:40 | April 15, 2013

What It Takes

I’ve been running a lot since I moved home so today I’ll try to take a day off from running and just enjoy my second walk for today with this song on repeat. My knees hurts from running so I think a long walk is exactly what i need. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow so I can start run like normal again. Crossing my fingers! 
10:38 | April 15, 2013

There’s no such thing


Mornings are the best, especially mondays! 
Now I’m heading out for a long power walk and at noon I have a lunch date with my mother in law. 
0:46 | April 15, 2013

Quality Time

I’ve been spending time with my mom this afternoon. We ran 10 km (6,4 miles) together before we went to her place for good food and sauna. I have really missed spending time with her since she’s been so busy at work lately. However, it was great spending this afternoon with her, let’s say we had a lot to catch up with! 
I will fall a sleep in just a second so I just wanted to wish you all a good night! xx