19:06 | April 13, 2013

My cup of tea


To wake up to a snowy Sweden today didn’t make me super excited. But I decided to still make the best of it. You can see my saturday in pictures so far above, breakfast and gym with my mother in law. Then I’ve been hanging out with my friend Nathalie, it was so nice to see her again! 

Now I’m heading out for a powerwalk with my sister, although the weather still sucks. 

21:08 | April 12, 2013

The right way

After an hours walk with my friend Ida I went home for a shower and this yummy meal above. Exhausted after a long day, so to spend my friday night on the couch it’s just what I need tonight. 
10:59 | April 11, 2013

Rise and shine

Rise and shine sweets! I’m heading out for a morning walk before I’m getting lunch with my mother in law! You’ll get today’s outfit later as well! 

God morgon solstrålar! Sticker ut på en morgonpromenad i solskenet innan jag ska träffa svärmor för lunch. Ni ska få dagens outfit senare också, ha en fin dag så länge!

19:05 | April 10, 2013

Right back at ya’

An hour’s walk and a 45 minutes run later, I can finally feel that I’m back on the track!
Now I’m going “downtown” to meet my friend Ida. Coffee and girl talk It’s exactly what I need right now.
15:18 | April 10, 2013

Walk with power

I’ve been sick since I moved back to Sweden again so today I’m finally feeling better. The sun is shining so I’m
warming up with a walk with my sister now and later I’ll try to run outdoors. 
15:17 | April 9, 2013

Old Train Station


Wearing- Levi’s jeans / Zara shoes / Chicago bulls tank top / American eagle shirt / Obey beanie / Aldo backpack / Bikbok shades