11:51 | May 16, 2013

Throwback – Miami


There’s pictures that always will bring up good memories and that will put a big smile on my face. This Miami trip that I made with my best friend in January is probably one of the best vacations I’ve had! This is that kind of vacation that I just wanna relive. 
So right now I’m planning my next destination.
16:36 | May 15, 2013

Valuable Time


Took morning and afternoon off from everything today just to enjoy this sunny day on my favorite place with my favorite boys. Now I’m getting ready for a couple hours of work at the office. 
11:57 | May 15, 2013

I need action

Started my day with a long walk with my sister before breakfast, it’s always nice to start the day with an early walk! 
21:53 | May 14, 2013

Home is where my heart is

Interior & Decor

Pictures from our home!
Bought a new painting from my friend the other day, I am so in love in it! If you are interested of buying one just comment or email me and I will give you her email. Fab! 
Du hittar hennes blogg HÄR 
You can find her blog HERE
13:22 | May 14, 2013

Unusual feelin’

Met my big sis this morning for an hours workout, then I went straight to the office to catch up with some work. It’s only in the noon and I don’t have any more plans for today, which is pretty unusual to be me. Later! 
13:18 | May 13, 2013

Denim on Denim


Wearing- one teaspoon skirt, Here! / Forever21 shirt / Weekday t-shirt / Shoes are old / Shades from rayban / Hat from chicago / Watch from Michealkors / Bracelet from madlady, here
10:03 | May 13, 2013

Killer Hill


Yesterday I ran 10 km (6,4 miles) with my mom so today my legs are sore and I can feel that my body hasn’t recovered yet. But it doesn’t really matter since I planned to run intervalls this morning before work. So with that said, I’m off for intervalls in a killer hill.