15:03 | May 7, 2013

Dear Tuesday


Went up early today, met my friend Ida for a long walk, an hour and a half to be exact. Went straight to the office to catch up with some work and to bring some home so I could work from my place. Had this yummy brunch above in the sun while I was reading magazines. Now I’m working again before I’m meeting my loved sis. You will also get today’s outfit later! Xx! 
16:40 | May 6, 2013

They can’t keep us apart

Me in stockholm yesterday.
Having a quick coffee break in the sun before I’m getting back to work again, playing this artist in my speakers. Hope you all are having a good time in the sun today! 
13:35 | May 6, 2013

Back on track

I started my week in the best possible way, with an hours workout. And since I’ve been sick in a week almost it felt so good to be back! I worked my lower body, my back and abs.

Right now I’m at work but I’ll still give you today’s outfit later! Xx

14:30 | May 5, 2013

Enjoy Life


Two pictures from the other day.
This is a timed post since I’m in Stockholm right now and won’t have any time for blogging. Hope you all are doing well! Xx