10:44 | July 23, 2013

You take the air right of my lungs


Rise and shine sweethearts! Ended up NOT going to the beach yesterday since it felt like autumn outside! lol. Went to my mom’s place instead and and tanned on her patio. Then I was just busy doing other things like looking at a new apartment and for a new car. However, today will be way better, I’ll give you today’s outfit later and also (hopefully if my sister Emma can help me shoot) I’ll post my upper body-workout-routin! So stay tuned!!
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16:39 | July 21, 2013

Old Town


Weaeing- Boyfriend jeans from H&M / Blazer from Lindex / T-shirt from Gina tricot / Shoes from Forever21 / Shades from Imso.com / Bag from zara / 
12:37 | July 21, 2013

Burn it to the ground

Last nights outfit- Tank top from H&M / Necklaces from Ur och ben / Shades from rayban / Skirt from F21 / Shoed and bag from Zara / Blazer from Esprit 
10:29 | July 20, 2013



Last night we were at my boyfriend’s mom’s place on the countryside, it’s so incredibly beautiful there! We had dinner and laughed all night before we went back home to our place in the city. Had such a great time. Xx
13:57 | July 19, 2013

Keepin’ it real

Wearing- Shorts from Estradeur / Tank top from Zara / Blazer from F21 / Shades from Indiska / Bag from LV / Boots are old