11:03 | July 17, 2013

Always right there.

Rise and shine sweethearts! How cute Isn’t Turtle sleeping on my laptop while I’m blogging? It’s always the same thing, it’s like he love sleeping right on it, or maybe he just searching for attention? 😉 
12:58 | July 16, 2013

Forever Casual


Wearing- F21 trousers / Zara shoes and bag / Indiska shades / Monkit-shirt / Mk Watch / F21 Necklace / 
9:15 | July 16, 2013

Never one too many

Love my new shades I bought at Indiska the other day.
..good morning btw. I’m still in bed catching up with some blogging and email. My body are tired and sore from yesterday’s all workout (it feels good though) Today I’ll be working out my lower body and then I’ll be working and just chillin’ all day. Maybe I’m going to my mother in law’s place on the countryside for a coffee. Enjoy your day fellows!

Ps. yesterday’s outfit will be up later so stay tuned!

12:25 | July 15, 2013

She was always dressed in black…

Photographed by Emma
Wearing- skirt from F21 / Crop top from Bikbok / Bag from Lindex (on sale now) / Shades from rayban (size M) / Necklace from F21/ shoes from Zara / Watch from Michael kors 
Outfit from this weekend. It’s obvious that I’ve got a crush on crop tops- they are so freakn’ cool! 
11:41 | July 15, 2013

New opportunities – Workout questions

In the glass: quark with raspberries, a half banana and muesli
Will be starting my week tough but in a good way with two workouts. First an hour gym with my sis and later this afternoon I’ll be running 10 km (6,4 miles) with my mom.
I know I gets a lot of comments and emails about my workout routines etc. I’ve been trying to respond as many questions as possible and I want you to know how much I appreciate all your support and sweet words, you are amazing! Was thinking that I could answer the most recurrent questions in this post:
How many times a week do u work out? – I workout 5-8 times a week (includes power walks, running and gym)

Are you drinking/eating any extra supplementation? – Yes I’m drinking a protein called “pure whey” find it here!

What’s your abs workout routine like? – I’ll try to make a separate blogpost about this question since it’s too hard to explain.

Are you on a specific diet? – No I don’t do diets, I eat what I want when I want. I just like to eat healthy cause I think it tastes better (I love candy though!! lol)

Reminder: we all are build different and have different genes. So don’t ask for anyone elses body, make yourself feel good in the body you are the owner of.
Break a leg! Xx / Kiki

18:30 | July 14, 2013

More is More


Wearing- Jeans from Cubus / T-shirt from weekday / Shoes from zara / Shirt from Acne / Shades from Indiska / watch from MK