18:17 | July 13, 2013

A summer favorite

This is one of my favorite pair of shorts this summer, from Stayodd (gift) they are just so perfect oversized like I want them to be. Hopefully I can show you the whole outfit later! Happy saturday fellows! 
12:35 | July 13, 2013

A little party never killed nobody


Made a super yummy chicken pasta salad when I had some of my girls over last night. Drank wine and laughed on my balcony until midnight. Wouldn’t mind more of those nights. 
10:14 | July 13, 2013

There’s no such thing…

There’s no such thing as waking up early on a saturday (8:15 am to be exact)- to a blue sky and a dog cuddling next to you, staying in bed for an extra hour (just cause you can), surfing around on instagram, wearing an oversized shirt and having my hair in a messy braid- that’s pretty much what my saturday have looked like so far. 
19:05 | July 12, 2013

Life is too short


Bikini from H&M (on sale now) / Shorts from Levi’s (vintage) 
Having the girls over for dinner tonight! I’m in a hurry (like always) so need to run! Hope you all are having a bless! xx 
12:26 | July 12, 2013


Wearing- Trousers from Nelly / Shirt from F21 / Bag from LV / Shades from Rayban / Watch from MK / Shoes from F21 
15:11 | July 11, 2013

Can I have fun for the rest of my life…


Wearing- Dress from Urban outfitters (old) / Clutch from Cubus (on sale now) / Shoes from Forever21 / Necklace from F21, Bali & Nelly / shades from Rayban 
Today’s work-look, took these pictures at the office balcony today, U like them? Xx 
12:54 | July 11, 2013

I ain’t got time for ya babe.

Like planned I woke up early and went out for some morning cardio (16 sprints uphill) it felt so much better than yesterday so now I finally can feel that I’m back on it agian! After I had this meal above on our balcony and now I’m at the office working. Enjoy your day! 
Having this song on repeat while I’m running! 
22:09 | July 10, 2013

We all have our ups & downs

Life isn’t always a dance, I would lie if I said so. Today has been tough, been tired and distracted all day. Haven’t been working out in three days (which is a lot for me) so thanks to my mom I ended up doing 1,30 h cardio and it felt so good afterwords. Hopefully I can wake up to a better day tomorrow, are going up early for some uphill intervalls before work.