18:32 | August 27, 2013

I can’t hold us

Knit and shoes from Zara / Lindex bag / Hat from chicago / Shorts from bangkok / Watch from MK / shades from rayban 
10:12 | August 27, 2013

Readers Request

Quark with melt raspberries and muesli with raisins. Fiber Bread with lettuce, ham, cucumber and red pepper, drinking orange juice 
Greek Yogurt with vanilla quark, muesli, grapes raspberries and blueberries

Vanilla quark with raspberries and muesli. Crispy bread with ham, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and arugula. A passionfruit. Drinking orange juice and coffee (this could be a big weekend breakfast) 
In the wine glass- vanilla quark whit bananas. Fiber bread with ham, cucumber, tomatoes and arugula. Drinking orange juice 

Smoothie on the bottom of the glass muesli in the middle, quark and strawberries on the top. Drinking latte. 
Sugar Free jam, greek yogurt, muesli and raspberries. Fiber bread with ham, cucumber and arugula. Drinking tea and orange juice. 
Greek yoghurt, muesli, vanilla quark and raspberries. Fiber bread with ham, cucumber, tomatoes and arugula. Drinking latte and orange juice 
(For two) Blueberrie smoothie, greek bread with lettuce, ham, cheese, red pepper and cucumber. One egg a glass orange juice and mango on the side.
Melt raspberries, greek yoghurt with apple and muesli. Crispy bread with cheese, cucumber and tomatoes. Drinking tea with honey. 

Fruity snack- strawberries, mango, banana, kiwi and watermelon top it with some vanilla quark. Yummy!

Smoothie (made of greek yoghurt and raspberries) , muesli, vanilla quark and raspberries on the top.
Yoghurt, vanilla quark with bananas muesli, blueberries and raspberries. Fiber Bread with lettuce, ham, cucumber and red pepper. Drinking orange juice. 
(for two) Blueberrie smoothie (made of greek yoghurt and blueberries) White bread with ham, lettuce, tomatoes, yellow peper and cucumber. A bowl with strawberries, drinking orange juice. 

Vanilla quark with muesli, raspberries and bananas. Crispy bread with ham and greens, drinking ornage juice.
I’ve received tons of emails and comments about food. So above you can find all my recent breakfast and snack recipes from this summer. Hope you’ll like it! 🙂 xx
14:18 | August 26, 2013

Pain and Gain

Monday, I love mondays! Weekends are always nice but mondays are damn the best. I just finished work and now I’m going downtown to meet my mother in law for a coffee before I’ll run today’s longdistance. 
11:26 | August 26, 2013



Sneak peek on today’s outfit. Heading to the office to catch up with some work now, later! 
19:18 | August 25, 2013

Sun is not shining without you

Cuddled in my bed rainy days, tried to learn my niece how to swim, just enjoyed the sun, been working out, felt the wind, ate good food and much fruit, been thinking of the future, been laughing, got some good news and hung out with my family and friends in tons. Hope you all have enjoyed your summer! 
15:42 | August 25, 2013


Zara t-shirt, shoes and bag / Gina tricot skirt / rayban shades /MK watch 
10:23 | August 24, 2013

Before & After

A before and after pic from when I did my lashes the other day.
Som jag nämnde tidigare i veckan så var jag och fixade mina fransar. Här har ni en före och efter bild. Känns rätt så konsitgt att kunna kliva ur sängen på morgonen utan att behöva måla ögonen, men jag klagar inte! 
Jag gjorde mina fransar hos Carina här i Gävle. Vill ni boka tid hos henne så kan ni göra de på 070-5485001 kram