17:16 | September 8, 2013

Casual Sunday

F21 skirt / Gina tricot shirt / Monki t-short / aldo sneakers / Rayban shades / Aldo backpack / MK watch 
17:22 | September 7, 2013


Off for dinner with some cool girls! Have a great saturday everyone! 
13:45 | September 7, 2013

weekly summary – workout program

This is the first week in a while I’ve been working out and eating really well. Last week I had so much candy since I traveled and stressed a lot (candy is my weakness, I love it!). I easy get pimples from too much sugar and stress so I felt that I had to get back to where I was a month a ago and so I did! I know many of you have asked for my workout program so here is this weeks program:

Monday: Gym- upper body
tuesday: Cardio- 8km, 5,2min/km
wednesday: Abs and back
Thursday: lower body
Friday: Cheat day
Saturday: Cardio- 8km
Sunday- Not sure yet, maybe I’ll just have a walk, depends of how I feel after this weeks all workouts!


10:07 | September 7, 2013

Promised myself…

After a really busy week with work and workouts I promised myself to sleep out and relax this saturday morning. But I still woke up around 8:00 am.. I have a hard time sleeping in the mornings, for sure.. I guess I have to work on that, at least in the weekends. Enjoy your day lovers! xx
16:20 | September 6, 2013


Jeans and sweat from cubus / Zara shoes / Lindex bag / Rayban shades / Crocket shirt / MK watch 
11:00 | September 6, 2013

Face care

Igår var jag på en otroligt härlig ansiktsbehandling hos fina Ida på Idas salong här i Gävle, så idag känner jag mig jätte ren och fin i ansiktet. Fick även med mig ett gäng produkter hem som jag tänkte jag skulle prova, har bara använt dessa två gånger men jag känner mig redan super nöjd! Spana in Idas sida här 
9:50 | September 5, 2013

An all time favorite

Good morning darlings! I’ve had such a good week so far, been working out better than in a while and i’ve been catching up a lot with work which feels great! Busy days but I like that.. 
In the glass raspberrys, quark, 1 banana. 
10:51 | September 4, 2013

Beautiful yard

some pictures from our weekend in Gotland, went to this beautiful yard our last day there.