14:30 | October 31, 2013

Counting down

Interior & Decor
Round table, here! / Headboard, here! / Pillows, here/ Soap, here! / Pot, here! / Crystal Chandelier, here! Silver pot and candle from blackballoon 
In five days we will get the keys to our new place and I just can’t wait! We have some renovation to make but as soon as it’s done I’ll start decorating. 
10:42 | October 31, 2013

Along with the voices inside of my head

Breakfast- Quark with raspberries and blueberries / crispy bread with ham, cucumber and lettuce / Drinking latte and juice. 
Had issues with uploading pictures this morning, therefore this late update. 
19:26 | October 30, 2013


When I posted my food routine the other week many of you wondered about the recipe on the chanterelle soup so here is the link to that recipe. I didn’t made it exactely like the recipe, I improvised a little bit. Enjoy! 
I also made a dish the other day that I haven’t shown you. This is a low calorie dish that I usually don’t eat but I just wanted to try these noodles from fitnessguru. So if you’d like to eat low carbs then I can recommend these noodles! Enjoy! 
15:36 | October 30, 2013

Red Tartan

Choies coat / Esprit shirt / Vila knit / Gina tricot scarf / H&M jeans and boots / LV Noe bag / 
9:45 | October 30, 2013

Male style

Weekday t-shirt / H&M jeans / Zara bag / GT Blazer / Cubus Jacket
Found these two pictures that I haven’t shown you. I like this simply male look, it’s a perfect outfit to pull on a day when your inspiration runs dry. 
10:29 | October 29, 2013

Pointy White

Igår var jag och fixade naglarna hos underbara Madde på Studio M här i Gävle. De är många som har kommenterat och frågat vart jag gör mina naglar så jag vill absolut rekommendera Madde på Studio M. Jag har blivit lika nöjd varje gång och hon lyckas verkligen få till det precis som jag vill ha de! Denna gång blev dom vita, spetsiga med en guldig detalj som ni kommer få se i outfitbilderna senare idag! 🙂 
18:29 | October 28, 2013

Halfmoon Magic

Shades from LeSpaces, here
After today’s run I went to get my nails done at Studio M (I’ll show you pictures of my nails tomorrow) then I was supposed to shoot today’s outfit, but before I knew it it was sooo dark outside! I guess I need to start shooting earlier since it gets dark at like 4pm now!