20:27 | October 23, 2013

pre and after – wednesday motivation

Before gym today I had a protein bar ( these from fitnessguru are my favorites!) and a celsius to get some energy before gym. Worked my upper body (shoulders, back, abs and triceps). After gym I had a protien shake, find them here! And then I met up my mom for a powerwalk. Now: finally dinner, I’m starving! I finally feel that my motivation for working out is back and I couldn’t be happier! Hope you all are doing well! 
9:58 | October 23, 2013

Vintage perfection

Just wanted to show you my new coat I found at a vintage store yesterday, for only 75 kr(!) Yup! Love it! If the weather gets better I’ll show you better pictures of it in an outfit. 
20:30 | October 22, 2013

Tuesday snapshots

Like I mentioned earlier today I woke up with an awful headache so a glass with quark and muesli was all I had for breakfast. 
For lunch I made a chicken bulgur salad with  some brie.  
Had a protein bar and a celsius before I went out for a 8,5 km power walk with my mom! After our walk I had a onewhey protein shake (melon yoghurt) and dinner of course. 
Had to wear layers on layers since it was cold and rainy outside today. Days like these are so damn easy to stay home cause of the weather. But I think it’s so worth the feeling afterwords and some rain never killed nobody, right? 
10:11 | October 22, 2013

Rainy days

Woke up with an awful headache this morning and the weather sucks! So I’m glad I have a lot of computer work to catch up with today so I don’t have to go out except from walking Turlte (our dog).
Also, thanks for all your cool advices in the last post! 
20:42 | October 21, 2013


Ok, now when I’m back from my cold I thought you may could come with some advice about what you want to see/read more about in the workout category. I’ve done the workout routine (upper and lower body) and the food routine post. So if you have any other advices or if you want to know more about something I’ve already posted, let me know! XX 
17:37 | October 21, 2013

Light pink and boyfriend jeans


Gina tricot sweater / H&M jeans, boots and shirt / Rayban shades / Choies coat / Lindex bag 
This combination has become a big favorite for the moment. Light pink is so hot right now and I love to match this cozy sweater from Gina tricot with a pair of boyfriend jeans from H&M. So causal but in the same time so chic. Nuff said- I’m addicted to pink.
11:07 | October 21, 2013

Starting over

Woke up with a really good feeling in my body this morning! So I will keep this feeling all day and do something good of it! Hope you all are having a great day! xx 
11:15 | October 20, 2013

Won’t back down

Feeling a little bit better from my cold today. But I won’t start working out again until tomorrow. Today I’ve spent my sunday as sundays should be spen, with breakfast and some tv on the couch. Later today I’ll be running some errands and then just have a calm day. You will get today’s outfit later as well! 🙂