13:05 | October 19, 2013

Checkered II

Lindex trousers / GT sweat / H&M shirt / Choies coat / H&M boots & Rayban shades / Lindex bag 
20:23 | October 18, 2013

Friday’s food intake

Breakfast – Oatmeal with quark, apple, blueberries and raspberries
Lunch- pancakes with nutella and bananas
Snack Fruit bar and a celsius 
Dinner- Chicken tapas! 
18:47 | October 18, 2013


Preview of today’s outfit. You will get the whole outfit tomorrow! Also check in here later for the last food intake post. 
22:20 | October 17, 2013

Thursday’s food intake

I started my day with a great breakfast. Since I’m sick, I wanted to get a good refill to get better. In the glass, cottage cheese with fiber flakes and fresh berries. Ate fiber bread with ham, lettuce, brie and cucumber. Drank a cup of tea with honey and milk, and also a glass of vitamin c. On the side I had grapes and passion fruit.
Then I went down to town to meet my mother, but I had no appetite for lunch so took a chokladboll and a Coke before I went home to bed again.
Then I realized that I didn’t had lunch and since I still didn’t had any appetite two crispy pieces bread and a celsius was all I had.
Then I had some candy 🙂 
For “dinner” I only had a bowl with yogurt quark and cereals with some fresh berries. 
I think it’s so hard to eat when you’re sick since you don’t really have any appetite, so this is not how I usually eat. But I promised to show you everything so here you go! 
15:55 | October 17, 2013

Be a little patient

Yesterday was a really stressful day, had a full schedule all day so I woke up sick this morning and I didn’t got time to shoot my food intake yesterday either. BUT I’ll make that up for you tonight, just be a little patient. 
Meanwhile you will get three adorable pics of my love! 
10:54 | October 17, 2013

Only for you – shoesale

Jeffrey Campbell lita strl 37. 700kr. Inte en skråma i dessa, använt dom ca 2 ggr.
Jeffrey campbell spikes strl 37 (men som en 38 i storleken) 700kr 
Aldo shoe strl 37. nästan helt oanvända i lila mocka. 450kr
Nike runners strl 37,5 bara använda ett fåtal gånger (mest inomhus) nypris 1299. säljes för 800kr såld

Rensning inför flytten fortsätter så här kommer lite mer prylar jag tänkt sälja. Så är ni intresserad av att köpa något av dessa par så maila mig på [email protected] 
21:11 | October 16, 2013

Walk across

Vintage blazer/coat / H&M trousers and shoes / American apparel beanie / Zara bag and scarf / Rayban shades 
20:17 | October 15, 2013

Tuesday’s food intake

Quark with flakes, raspberries and blueberries. Fiber Bread with ham, brie cheese and lettuce. Drinking a celsius.
Pasta salad with a crispy bread and a celsius. 
Quark snack! 
Home made pizza for dinner, yum!