14:12 | November 30, 2013

I was ready for a change


My computer has messed with me all morning. 

Yesterday I ran away to the grocery store and bought myself hair color. I wanted a darker/warmer color and I think the result ended up pretty good. I may have to color it again just to make it last longer. 
19:46 | November 29, 2013

Readers request – gym routine

Triceps 15×3 reps. Optional weight. I do 25 and 30 kg in the picture! 
Biceps 15×3 Optional weight. In the picture I have 8 kg dumbbells (have one in each hand) 
Back 15×3 reps otional weight 
Dips 15×3 reps (you can also have your feet on a bench and a weight in your lap if you want it heavier! I use to do that with 10kg)
Squat with dumbbell. 12×3 or 15×3 reps. Go up and down like a squat and throw the weight up and down (see picture) , switch hand between your legs and throw it up again. (you can also do this with both your hands on the weight all the time)
Bennöj med hantel. 12×3 eller 15×3 reps. Kör upp och ner som vanliga benböj och kasta vikten upp och ner (se bilden) byt hand under benen och kasta den upp igen. (de går också bra att köra med båda händerna på vikten hela tiden om det känns lättare) 
Quads 15×3 reps.  

Squat 12×3 or 15×3 reps. In the picture I do 10kg (use to do 15kg) on each side plus the rod 20 kg.
Benböj 12×3 eller 15×3 reps. På bilden har jag 10kg på varje sida (brukar i vanliga fall köra 15kg) plus stången 20 kg. 

Lunges 12×3 reps on each leg. just push up and down (see picture) with dumbells in each hand in the picture I have 7kg on each. (use to have 8kg when I’m stronger) 
Utfallssteg på bänk 12×3 rep på varje ben. Gå upp och ner som i bilden med vikter i varje hand (så tungt du känner att du orkar) jag har 7kg i varje hand på bilden men brukar ha 8 när jag är i bättre form. 

Since I got a whole bunch of new followers (welcome!) I thought I could post my workout routine again because many of you been asking for that! 🙂 So here you go! Hopefully a little weekend motivation 🙂 Some of these exercises I don’t do that often any more but sometimes. Would you be intrested in my new workout routine?

Also, you can find my ab workout here

17:54 | November 29, 2013

Happy feet

And so I finally found my perfect everyday-boots. A comfortable heel and a little pointy, exactly what I was looking for. These lovers are from Zara. 
12:04 | November 29, 2013

All my impressions, I’ll never give them away

Turtle playing in bed this morning. 
Hi babes! I’ve been catching up with work all morning so that’s why this post is running late. Yesterday I made my first gym workout in sooo long! It wasn’t my best one, but come on! -what to expect! It will be better next time, right? Today I’ll be doing cardio, maybe just 5km depends of how strong I feel. It’s always tough in the beginning. Anyway, visist my blog later today and I’ll post one of my workout routines! 🙂 
23:37 | November 28, 2013

I wear flowers in November

This dress is just too awesome! I love it! It kinda looks like a crop top and a skirt but it’s actually a dress, a pretty one! I will show you how I will match it this weekend. Buy it here
10:52 | November 28, 2013

Something just got to move in

Hej raringa! Var ner på stan en liten sväng igår för att hjälpa brorsan hitta ett par nya skor. Själv kom jag hem med en provdocka. Spontana köp kan ibland vara de bästa, inte sant? Tycker verkligen att den passar så ortoligt bra in hos oss. 
Nä nu måste jag sticka ut med vovven innan jag drar iväg till gymmet och kör mitt första gympass på vet inte hur länge! Exciting! Blir mage/rygg till att börja med. 
Hi sweets! Yesterday when I went downtown to help my brother find a pair of shoes I came home with a manikin. It really fits in to our home perfectly, don’t u think? Now I’ll go out for a walk with our dog before I’m heading to the gym with my sis for the first time in a very long time! 
18:13 | November 27, 2013

Just be true to who you are

Hi darlings! I’m heading over to a friend for dinner before we are going to watch our boys game. Hope you all are having a great day! 
14:44 | November 27, 2013

Sometimes you need to be your own motivation


Jag har inte tränat en endaste gång sen flytten drog igång. Har haft fullt upp med flytt, renovering och jobb. Så de få timmar som blivit “över” om dagarna har jag försökt att uppdatera bloggen, svarat på mail eller ätit något. Mitt hjärta har varit på långa borta roadtrips och med landslaget nästan hela flytten, vilket såklart har gjort det lite tuffre för mig. Men igår så målade jag klart hela köket (som var det sista att måla!) så nu ska “bara” köket sättas upp och det behöver vi hjälp av min svärmors kille till 🙂 

Hur som helst, gick igenom min tränings kategori här på bloggen imorse och blev faktiskt motiverad av mig själv till att sätta igång för att komma dit jag var igen- stark, flexibel och med bra kontition! Har fått massor av frågor ifall jag kan börja blogga om mina matrutiner igen som jag gjorde förr. Är det något ni är intresserad av? Isf ska jag försöka komma med någon rolig idé! 🙂 

I haven’t been working out since we moved. I’ve been so busy moving, renovating and working that every time I got an extra hour I tried to update the blog or to eat something. My love has been on the road pretty much everyday since we moved which have made the moving process way worse. But yesterday I kinda got done with everything I can do (with a huge help from my family and my north american firends!) Now we just need someone to help us get the kitchen up and that someone is my mother in law’s fiance! 🙂

However, today I went through my own workout category in my blog and I honestly got motivated to get back to where I was. Sometimes you may have to be your own motivation?I really feel that I need to start working out again so I can get through these dark and cold days. I also got a bunch of comments if I could start posting my food routine again. Is that something you are intrested of? If so I will try to figure something fun out.