19:08 | November 17, 2013

I leave my heart open


Lindex hat / Hokk fabrica t-shirt (here) / Cubus jeans / Juljafinland coat (here) / Vintage bag / Zara boots 
Soon fellows, soon the update will be as normal again! I’ve just been in full progress of moving and getting it all together. But this coming week I have a lot of fun to share here with you! Stay tuuuuned! 
14:02 | November 16, 2013


Interior & Decor
Denna underbara gamla skänk fick flytta in i sovrummet tillsammans med den charmiga industrilampan jag köpte igår. Målade skänken och satte på nya(gamla) handtagat. Visst blev den fin? Hjärtat får stå där tills jag hittar någon fin tavla. 
11:18 | November 14, 2013

Hokk Fabrica


Got a package delivered today with some new clothes. All from here! I’ll show you everything in outfits the coming weeks. 
22:59 | November 13, 2013

First night

ex to the hausted! I’m so freakin’ tired from all moving today! Have got so much done though, so I can finally spend my first night at out new place! Too bad I need to spend the first night by my self since my love is on the road and Turtle (our dog) is at my mom’s place. However, I have lit a fire in our stove so it’s soo cozy here even though it’s a little messy still. Nighty! 
11:18 | November 13, 2013

spice up the darkness

1. here! (sale) 2. here! 3. here! 4. here! (sale)
When the darkness comes it’s fun to wear a different coat than just a black one (that I usually wear) so here you get four tips on cute coats that could spice up the pre winter a little. Two of them are on the way to me, can you guess which ones? 
20:44 | November 12, 2013

Be a little patient


Choies shorts / Zara knit / LV noe bag / Lindex cap / Zara shoes / Rayban shades 
I’ll give you a pree fall outfit today since I haven’t got time for shooting. This is probably one of my favorite outfits, I love the oversize-look and the collar on my knit. 
Today and yesterday I’ve been painting our new place with a huge help from my family and my north american firends! Tons of thanks to you, I owe you guys big time! So tomorrow we’ll actually start moving in. How exciting?! So the blog will be back as normal soon, just be a little patient! Can’t wait to show you more pictures from when it’s done!