10:48 | November 7, 2013

If the feel is real

Hat from lindex / knit from Zara / nails done by Madde at studio M in Gävle 
My body probably sore more from moving our storage yesterday than it does from my lower body workout earlier this week. Had to walk up and down the stairs hundreds of times with heavy stuff. I’m glad my brother helped me out with it. Now I’m catching up with work before I’m going to start packing and making some phonecalls. 
Fy tusan, mina ben ömmar nog mer ifrån gådagens flytt än vad dom gör från mitt benpass i Tisdags. Att flytta hela förrådet relativt ensam (min bror hjälpte mig, tusen tack!) var så jäkla jobbigt. Var tvungen att gå upp och ner med alla tunga prylar eftersom vi inte har hiss i något av husen. Nu ska jag fixa lite jobb sen ska jag väl fortsätta att packa och ringa några samtal. VI hörs senare! 
20:06 | November 6, 2013


The pictures marked with 1-2-3 I do supersets. I start with number 1 in 1 minute then directly to number 2 (no rest!)…
Bilderna markerade med 1-2-3 kör jag direkt efter varandra. Jag börjar med plankan i 1 minut sen direkt till nummer 2 (utan vila)…
…15 reps of these- then directly to number 3…(no rest) 
…15 stycken av dessa- sen direkt till nummer 3…(utan vila)
…15 situps! Rest and then do it all agian for 3 rounds. 
…15 stycken situps! Sen vila! Kör 3 rundor. 
 15×3 reps. 15-20kg
Back- 15×3 reps. 10 kg. Also use to do this one on the side with less weight. 
Rygg- 15×3 repetitioner 10 kg. Jag brukar också köra den ifrån sidan med mindre vikt. 
I know many of you’ve been asking for this blogpost so here we go! This is my favorite abs and back workout-routines! If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I’ll respond you as good as I can!

Since I’ve got so many new followers and many of you are asking for my upperbody workout routine I thought I could post this post again! Hope you’ll like it! This is my old ab routine though, I use to do more Pilates exericise now! Would you like a post with different Pilates exerisices as well? 

12:04 | November 6, 2013

Inspire me

Right now I’m going through almost all our “sköna hem” magazines. I’m trying to figure out how our kitchen is going to look. There’s so many options so we can’t really decide how we want it. If you have any tips, feel free to send me some! 🙂 My head is just a mess. I need to start moving our storage, we are only moving like a block, not even. So I have to carry everything half a block. Better get going, later! 
10:58 | November 5, 2013

The day has come!!

I can’t believe we are getting our new apartment today! I will start working on our new place right away to get it done as soon as possible. Would you like to see pictures of everything we will be doing?
11:26 | November 4, 2013

Blurry days

Today I’ll be busy making some calls and planning and start packing for tomorrow’s move. I’m so excited to finally move to a bigger place! But there’s just so much to do before everything will be done! Better get going! Talk to you later! 
15:43 | November 3, 2013

Can I put summer on repeat?


I thought it could be cozy with a swedish fall/winter this year, since I’ve been away for two winters. Who was I kidding? I’m clearly not into this dark and cold weather. I wouldn’t mind having summer all year! However, I just finished today’s run which feels nice! Hope everyone is doing well! 
11:31 | November 3, 2013



Vaknade upp imorse och insåg att om två dagar har vi nycklarna till vår nya lägenhet. Vi har en hel del renovering att stå i innan vi kan flytta in ordentligt och min sambo kommer att spela med tre kronorna i Karjala cup så jag antar att det kommer att bli en hektisk vecka med renovering och flytt för mig. Är dock så otroligt glad för han att han ska få göra debut i tre kronor landslaget! Heja heja! 
When I woke up today I just realised that we are moving in two days! Or not really moving but we are getting our keys so we are starting to renovate. And my love won’t be home since he will be representing Sweden in the Karjala cup. I’m so happy for him and of course I’ll be there supporting.