11:15 | December 19, 2013

Focus on the right thing

You know those days when you wake up and feel like it’s going to be a bad day! I had a morning like that today. But I’m honestly going to change that cause in the end of the day I know I’m the only one that can affect it. Hope you all are doing good today! 
21:27 | December 18, 2013

Home exercising

Har fått en del frågor om jag inte kan ge tips på hemma-övningar. Så här är ett gäng som jag brukar köra där inga redskaps behövs. 
I’ve got a bunch of questions about home exercising so I thought I could give you some tips that I would do if I worked out at home.
Press your arm and leg against your chest and out. I do 25 reps on each leg 3 sets so a total on 75 on each side.
Dra armen och knäet mot bröstet sen ut. Jag kör 25 reps på varje ben 3 gånger så 75 totalt på varje sida. 
Ab workout- press your arms and legs together like in the picture and then go down with your arms straight over your head and your legs straight down (try do not touch the ground) 
Mage- Möt armar och ben som på bilden, sen ska armarna ner rakt över huvudet (ibland kan det vara lättare att ha en pinne i händerna), benen ska också ner mot backen. Försök däremot att inte nudda armar och ben i backen. 
The plank with a kick. I do 1 minute (time yourself with your phone) 3 or 4 sets. Swich leg as many times as you can during every minute. 
Plankan med spark. Jag brukar köra 1 minut (ta tid med din telefon eller klocka) kör den 3 eller 4 gånger med vila mellan varje. Kör varannat ben upp så många gånger du kan under minuten. 
Just the normal plank with no kick. I use to do same time as above. 
Plankan utan spark. Jag kör samma tid som över! 
Butt- Just throw your leg up and down like in the picture. I use to do 60 reps on each if I don’t have weights. 
Rumpa- Sparka uppåt som på bilden och kör upp och ner så många du vill köra. Jag brukar köra 60 på varje om jag kör utan vikt. 
Hoppas de här var till någon bra hjälp för er som vill träna hemma. Bara att kommentera nedan om ni funderar över något. Bli inte besvikna om ni inte klarar köra så många som ni tänkt eller om ni inte orkar tiden ut. Jobba på så jag är säker på att du kommer dit! Kör hårt och lycka till! 🙂 
Hope this could be to any help for you who wants to workout at home! 🙂 Feel free to comment below if there’s anything you wondering about. If it’s too hard just keep practice and practice and I’m sure you will get there! Don’t be dissapointed if you can’t do as many as you want or if you can’t make it a minute or something. Just challange yourself till the next time and you will do even better! Good luck! 
8:15 | December 18, 2013

From time to time


God morgon raringar! Efter en nästan helt sömnlös natt så ringde klockan 06;30 för att vara exakt. Precis när det kändes som att man lyckats somna såklart. Aja, nu sitter jag i bilen påväg till Stockholm med kärleken. Blir lite shopping och eventuellt ett möte. Ha en fin onsdag så länge! 

Rise & shine! Had such a hard time sleeping tonight, hate when it happens. However, right in this moment I’m blogging from the car on my way to Stockholm with my love. Will be doing some shopping and maybe run for a quick meeting as well. 
Have a lovely day sweets! 
19:53 | December 17, 2013

Never one too many


Two of my latest items. Shoes from here! / Jacket from here
I hate how blurry the pictures gets these days. It’s not even fun to publish pictures with such a bad quality.
13:31 | December 17, 2013

Over the year

When 2013 started I still lived in Chicago, one of my best friends came to visit me so I got to start 2013 with her and my lovely boyfriend who I lived together with in the states. 
A few days after new years my friend and I packed our bags and went to Miami for a couple days. Had the best trip! 
I shared a whole bunch of outfits with you 
I Celebrated Valentine’s day with the amazing Chicago wolves team.
I stayed in Chicago for another three months and my blog kept getting bigger. 

 I left Chicago and moved back to Sweden in the end of March.

I started to share with you my food and workout routines that got much appreciated

Summer came and it was the best one! 
I got nominated as the fashion newcomer of the year in Sweden’s biggest blog competition.

I went to Gotland with my beautiful mom and sister! 

I also went to Stockholm for the Chic gala together with my blog colleagues from stil. We had so much fun get to know each other better.
Right after the Chic gala it was time for blogawards, I did not win but I was still the happiest for being nominated. I wore a dress from stylein that night.
My blog started to growe as a fitness blog as well as a fashion blog. And I worked on my flexibility.
We sold our old place and moved in to a bigger one. By this time we knew we was going to stay in Sweden.
..and so we got to move in to our new place! 
and I’ve posted a whole bunch of pictures from our home.
 2013 has by far been my favorite year, no doubt. And I am so greatful for having the most amazing readers! This will be a year to remember. Can we make 2014 even better? I am sure we can! 
22:37 | December 16, 2013

It was only a year ago..


Three pictures from Chicago last year.

A year ago I ran around on Chicago’s streets! I really miss those days but I’m also so happy to be home in Sweden again! In a week I will celebrate Christmas home with my family and it will be the first one in two years(!) couldn’t be happier!

19:03 | December 15, 2013

Something new (old)

Interior & Decor
My mom’s old linen cupboard got to move in to our place the other day, I placed it in our bedroom and moved our cabinet out to the living room which looked even better there. I’ll show you pictures of that later! 🙂 Thanks mommy!