10:41 | January 27, 2014

Morning in bed

In the glass quark with berries apple and muesli 
Good morning sweethearts. I just came back from a short walk, I like how the mornings just get lighter and lighter now. Right now I’m trying to catch up with emails from the weekend which I haven’t got time to answer. So talk to you later! 
9:25 | January 26, 2014

It’s time to make a decision now

Cropped dress from my favorite online shop Maurie & Eve .
Last night we celebrated one of my best friends, had a really fun night but I left around midnight since I am going to Stockholm with my love today. You’ll may find out what for later. 
15:25 | January 24, 2014

Things is going on

I’m out and about this efternoon. You may find out for why later! I can just say I’m excited! 🙂 
Wearing shades from LeSpecs 
12:25 | January 24, 2014

Always by my side

Everytime I’m working Turtle has to sit next to me. Even when I work by the table he nags on my until I put him on the chair next to me or in my lap. He truly is a lap dog, he just loves hanging around! Anyway, I need to walk this little fellow now. Talk later! 🙂 
19:25 | January 23, 2014

Thursday’s food intake

Food & Recipes
Oatmeal with berries for breakfast
 As usual I had two peanutbutter cakes (I really need to stop with this awful but yummy habit I have) 

For lunch I had this omelette (three eggs, ham, tomatos soy and salt) 
And a Delicious Pizza for dinner!
11:56 | January 23, 2014

Rapport – The crop top trend

The crop top is still so hot and trendy even though it has been since last spring. This is how I would like to match my outfits this spring/summer. I’ve really got a crush on knee long skirts as well as the crop top and leopard details. This spring/summer I think I will be wearing a lot of pastels, laces, leather, leopard and of course white from head to toe. Which outfit do you like most? 
Later today you will get to see my new hair and also I will post today’s food routine as well so stay tuned! 🙂