14:33 | January 18, 2014

Workout video

A short video of my favorite butt exercises that I do right now. My legs and butt are still a little sore from this workout earlier this week. (sorry for the bad iphone quality) I do 12×3 reps and holding a 10kg weight in my hands. I can still only do like 2 almost 3 chins but I’m in a good progress. I can maybe show you how to work on your chins next week if you’d like. 
Today is my mom’s birthday so I’ll head over to her place in a bit to celebrate the most amazing mom! Hope you all are having a wonderful saturday! 

En kort video i dålig iphonekvalle bjuder jag på denna lördag. Vi filmade lite tidigare i veckan så jag tänkte jag skulle visa er vilka som är mina absoluta favorit övningar för stunden. Tog ordenligt gjorde dom också för rumpan är fortfarande lite öm från de här passet. Jag kör alltså 12×3 stycken på varje övning (förutom chinsen somjag fortfarande bara gör 2… nästan 3 på) och håller en vikt på 10kg i händerna. 
Idag är det min underbara mammas födelsedag så jag ska glida hem till henne alldles strax för lite fika innan vi sticker ut och käkar ikväll. Ha en helt fantastiskt lördag allihopa!
14:11 | January 17, 2014

You’d make my day

Hej raringar, Finest awards närmar sig och nu kan du rösta fram dom du tycker ska vara nominerade i tävlingen. Vill ni nominera fram mig som årets nykomling, årets modeblogg eller årets tränings-& hälsoblogg skulle jag såklart bli otroligt glad! Här hittar ni till finest awards nomineringssida. 

Hey babes! Finest awards is coming up and now you can nominate that blogger you think should be nominated in the competition. If you would vote for me as the newcomer of the year or the best fitness blogger of the year I would be forever thankful! Nominate here! 
10:34 | January 17, 2014

Morning routines


Good morning fellows. Don’t you think it’s so hard to get out of bead at this time of the year? I’m absolutely not a day sleeper but now I’m like so tired in the mornings. I am literally checking my phone (always checking my instagram and blog when my alarm turns on in the morning) with one eye open and one still asleep.  Haha.. To read all your sweet comments everywhere makes it easy to wake up tho. And with that said, you’re the best! 

God morgon raringar! Någon mer än jag som har det förbaskat svårt att kliva ur sängen dessa dagar? Jag är absolut ingen sjusovare men dessa mornar har jag nästan känt mig lite förlamad. När klockan ringer kollar jag instagram och bloggen med ett öga öppet, läser era urgulliga kommentarer och blir genast mycket piggare! Med de sagt, -Ni är underbara! Vi hörs senare idag!
18:27 | January 16, 2014

Old but not that old


Jeans from H&M / Trench from Zara / Bag from Lindex / Shoes from Nelly / Scarf fro zara men / shades from rayban 
Outfit from fall13 
Heading to watch my loves game in a bit! 
13:11 | January 16, 2014

That vacation tho!


A year ago I watched the skyline from the hancock buliding and went to Miami with my best friend. Good times, good times! 
10:12 | January 16, 2014

Things might happen soon


Good morning sweets! I’ll be finish up some work this morning before I’m heading downtown for a lunch with some friends! I just wanted to wish you all a great day! 🙂 talk to you later! 
21:01 | January 15, 2014

Wednesday’s food intake

Food & Recipes
After dinner while watching a movie I had some hot choklad with whipped cream. 
 During the day I couldn’t resist two peanut butter cakes. 
 For dinner I had Chicken, potatos with carrots and a a side sallad.
After I worked out I had a protein shake.
For lunch before I worked out with my sister I had a tasty sallad.
..and for breakfast this yummy meal. In the bowl I have naturel quark with muesli and raspberries.
Since so many asked me to start posting my daily food intake I thought I could start doing it but not every day like I did the last time. I will keep posting it but maybe twice a week. What do you think? 
17:34 | January 15, 2014

Rose pink


Skirt from H&M trend / Top (dress) from inlovewithfashion, here! / Coat from Julja vintage / Boots from Zara / Hat from The local firm / Necklace from smallbranch