12:22 | January 12, 2014

It was a royal feeling

Food & Recipes
Drinking coffee latte Espresso / In the bowl: Vanilla quark, homemade muesli and pomegranate / Fiber sandwich with ham, lettuce, tomato and cucumber / In the glass: Mango

Det här blev dagens sena frukost. De är ju trots allt söndag och eftersom jag har haft huvudvärk sedan igår kändes det skönt att få sova till iallafall 9.30. Låg dock och drog mig ett långt tag medan jag surfade runt på instagram och lyssnade på den här låten om och om igen. Välbehövligt. Nu ska jag ta en långpromenad med vovven i kylan! 🙂 Hoppas ni alla mår bra! 

This is what I had for late breakfast today. Have had a headache since yesterday so really felt for sleeping for a while this morning. Now I’ll head out for a walk with Turlte (our dog) so talk to you later sweets! 
15:24 | January 11, 2014

Finally it worked out

Nu så! Nu funkar gymkortet igen så drog iväg till gymmet med syrran och mamma tidigare idag. Blev tre dagars vila (skönt att kunna skylla på de va?) Hade så klart kunna gått ut och sprungit eller vad som helst men kände att lite vila var skönt! 😉 Hur som helst, tränade magen idag samt lite kondition. Har börjat med en annan typ av konditionsträning som jag verkligen gillar (var så trött på löpbandet) nu blir de mycket hopp upp och ner, höga knän osv. Skulle kunna visa er de i ett videoinlägg nån gång vad jag menar, om ni vill såklart? 

Finally our gym card worked again. Think I got three rest days cause of it (I at least blame it on that. I could have been running or whatever but I just felt that three days rest was pretty nice!) So however, worked my abs and did some cardio today and it was actually really fun. Have started with a different kind of cardio exercise which I really like, it’s more like jumping, high knees etc.



10:57 | January 11, 2014

These boots are made for walking

Fick hem dessa gobitar på posten i veckan. Så otroligt sköna att jag nästan blev lite förvånad själv. Kan säga med all säkerhet att dessa lovers kommer bli mina stora favoriter att springa runt i i vår/sommar. Önskar såklart att man fick bära dom till bara ben redan nu men de får nog vänta  😉 Ni hittar dom här

Got the most comfortable boots delivered the other day. These ones will for sure be my new “every day” lovers. As soon as the snow leaves the ground I will start wearing them. I just love finding comfortable but cool shoes that you can wear all day whit no pain! I can’t wait until I can wear them with bare legs. Find them here
11:37 | January 10, 2014

On my mind January 10th

This is what’s on my mind right now- a trip to a warmer place and to London, a french bulldog or a pug, a zebra chair, some vee speers art on my wall, a kate spade bag and to style and live in a industrial local. 
18:57 | January 9, 2014

It doesn’t always goes as planned

Got dressed and went meet up my mom and sister today to work out but when we came to the gym (or to my sisters work where we go to work out) her card didn’t work! So we just had to turn around and go back home again… It made me so mad since I wasn’t planning on a rest day today. Well, it doesn’t always gets as planned. Maybe it was meant to be a rest day? 😉 Let’s say it was! Hope you all have had a lovely day. 
16:12 | January 9, 2014

Feeling boho

 Today I’m wearing top from bikbok / H&M trousers / Zara boots / Akira hur / Lv bag / 
17:31 | January 8, 2014

New season, New story

Interior & Decor

Photo bykiki
Bought some pots and flowers to our kitchen windows yesterday so finally it start to look really good, I think. The rest of the kitchen is almost-almost done too so hopefully I can show you the whole result in a week. Exciting! 
10:59 | January 8, 2014

It’s all about your body and your mind


God morning sweets! My body and my mind felt so good when I woke up this morning! You can really feel how much lighter it gets everyday. 

So far today I’ve been catching up with some computer work and soon I’ll run out and shoot today’s outfit for you before I’m hitting the gym with my brother and sister. It’s my sisters birthday today as well, she’s turning 25 so we are going to celebrate her later tonight when we have finished the gym. I’ll work my abs and shoulders today 🙂 stay tuned for today’s posts fellows!