10:05 | February 25, 2014

Happiness is a truth

For breakfast I had quark with muesli and raspberries. Ate a fiber sandwich with lettuce, cheese, cucumber and tomatos. On the side I had some yummy mango (my favorite fruit!) 

God morgon raringar! Jag ska möta upp syrran alldeles strax så ska vi promenera till hennes gym för lite träning! Blir en ca 6 km lång promenad totalt skulle jag tro. Har vi tid ska kanske vi filmar/fotar lite idag så att jag kan visa er lite nya övningar jag kör! 🙂 Hur låter de? 

Good morning sweethearts! I’ll meet up with my sister in a moment and we’ll walk to her gym for some exercise! It will be a total 6 km long walk I believe. If we have time, maybe we will be filming / shooting a bit today as well so I can show you some new exercises I do! 🙂 How does that sound? 

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