20:30 | January 4, 2016

Lower body routine


Here’s the lower body routine I was taking about, it’s some exercises I haven’t showed you before. Hope you appreciate the post, and let’s go 2016! 😉 And oh, sorry for using the same song as before, but I know this one works in all countries.


Här har ni några övningar som jag inte visat er tidigare 🙂 Hoppas ni gillar inlägget, nu kör vi 2016! 😉 Och sorry för att jag använder samma låt i tidigare video, men jag vet att denna har funkat i alla länder! 



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  1. micaela on

    Hi kiki! i love your blog ! I am a fairly new blogger, and am hoping to get some advice to help get my blog noticed a bit more! Also , I”d love to see your workout video but it won’t let me watch in USA? :*(
    xx from america, Micaela

    • kiki on

      oh no! It use to work everywhere with this song but I just realized they have blocked it in certain countries. Does it work whiteout the music?


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