2:28 | October 26, 2016

Fall Cravings


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6 fall favorites online right now.

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  1. Victoria on

    Hi Kristin!! I seriously am in LOVE with all your outfits, your taste, blog, photos, and vibrant personality!! I just wanted to say that because you are one of those people that I love to spend time learning about your routines and life and all that!!! Okay anyway! I wanted to say that I actually got those ASOS cut hemmed jeans and they were SOO unlike the pictured product I had to return them. Like they look AMAZING in the photo!! I guess it’s because I’m kind short (5’5) but yeah I just wanted to tell you so you won’t waste your money/be disappointed. I don’t know your height though and I don’t really have curves so they can still definitely look great on you!!!


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