15:01 | May 9, 2017

Streets of Capri

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Hat from Lack of color | Dress from Nelly (last year) | Shoes from Tony Bianco

I loved loved loved exploring Capri last week, I feel like I’ve already said it a million times but it was so great although I was a bit sick. Loved all the little streets, all the cute restaurants, the fresh fruit along the street and even the cabs were so freaking cute. In a couple of hours me and Anton are going to


Jag äääälskade verkligen att upptäcka Capri förra veckan, känns som jag redan sagt de 100 gånger men de var verkligen en helt fantastisk plats. Älskade alla små söta gator, mysiga restauranger, den färska frukten längst gatorna och även taxibilarna var ju bara för söta. Om någon timme åker faktiskt jag och Anton till Maldiverna!! Ska bli så mysigt att resa med han igen, så länge sen:) 

19:51 | May 7, 2017

My very first Gucci bag

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For those who follow me on instagram already knows that I’ve been in Italy, Capri for a couple of days this week. It’s one of the top places I’ve visit so far. Totally obsessed. I was there for work but I got to see so much of the island from driving (and boating) around with the crew to shoot at different locations. But more about that later, I also have some pictures to share with you here.

Anyways, we lived very “central” so we were only a street away from Gucci and some other really nice stores. I got so excited over how much cheaper everything was at Gucci in Italy/Europe compare to in north america so when I saw that they had this velvet Gucci bag that I’ve been looking for for a while and it was so much cheaper there I just had to get my hands on it.