17:07 | March 14, 2018

Postcard from Palma

kristin sundberg x na-kd

All pieces from my collection, launching in April.

Hi Angels!
What is going on? This many blogposts in one week? 😉 This is the thing with the blog, sometimes I just feel for sharing more material and more texts with you guys so then I like the blogging. But I like connecting with you more on instagram because there I can answer your DM’s right away, do live sessions etc. It just feels like I’m closer to you on instagram but it gets more personal here on the blog somehow.
Well, I wanted to share some more material from our shoot in Palma, we really nailed the vibe for this shoot. The idea was to go to postiano to get that italian romantic vibe, but the amalfi coast was too cold at this time so we decided to go back to spain to shoot. And yet we really manage to get that romantic italian vibe that we was going for. Excited to share the actual material from this trip, this is all just iphone photos for my instagram 🙂 Chat soon! xx

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