11:21 | March 14, 2018

Third and last collection shoot with kristin sundberg for na-kd

kristin sundberg x na-kd

Hi babes!
I’m trying to upload a little bit more often here on the blog as well because I know you’re still a few that likes to read the blog.
So here’s my latest vlog I put together from the shoot in Palma, so this has been my favorite shoot so far, maybe because this is my favorite collection? 😉 Aaah, I’m so excited to see you guys rock these pieces! Also, this might be my favorite vlog so far, I really feel like I’m in a good flow with work right now and everything is just going so well. Last year was way tougher, I’m not gonna lie. I felt like I lost all my inspiration for a pretty long time. But I do feel like I’m back stronger and more motivated than ever. I think moving back to Europe was a big lift for me and I feel so much happier here for some reason. Anyways, hope you enjoy this vlog! xxxx

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