14:30 | October 31, 2013

Counting down

Interior & Decor
Round table, here! / Headboard, here! / Pillows, here/ Soap, here! / Pot, here! / Crystal Chandelier, here! Silver pot and candle from blackballoon 
In five days we will get the keys to our new place and I just can’t wait! We have some renovation to make but as soon as it’s done I’ll start decorating. 
19:49 | October 3, 2013

Moving on

Interior & Decor
Hej raringar! Idag kom våran lägenhet ut på hemnet så för er som är intresserad av en central tvåa i Gävle eller bara är nyfikna på att se hur vi bor, kika in här! 
11:18 | July 24, 2013

home is where my heart is

Interior & Decor
While I’m still in bed drinking tea and trying to get better I’ll show you some pictures from our home. 
På tal om hem, är det någon som ska sälja/vet någon som ska sälja sin bostad i Gävle? Söker en stor 2a eller 3a centralt i Gävle? Kontakta gärna mig gärna via min mail då! 
21:53 | May 14, 2013

Home is where my heart is

Interior & Decor

Pictures from our home!
Bought a new painting from my friend the other day, I am so in love in it! If you are interested of buying one just comment or email me and I will give you her email. Fab! 
Du hittar hennes blogg HÄR 
You can find her blog HERE
10:46 | April 4, 2013

Never a failure

Interior & Decor

Good morning sweets! I’m getting more used to the time difference everyday so today I’m actually feeling quite good. Had this yummy swedish breakfast above this morning and now I’m off for a walk with Turtle (our dog!)