17:06 | December 17, 2017

Kristin Sundberg x NA-KD

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My Collection

Polkadot dress here | Black off the shoulder dress here

Pants here | Top here  

Off the shoulder blouse, here | One shoulder knit, here, silver skirt, here

One shoulder top, here | Polka dot skirt, here

Pink suiting pants, here | Pink blazer here

Hey angels!

I thought since my blog is up and running again I’m at least going to try to blog a little more often. Most of you might have seen my collection in collaboration with NA-KD fashion already but I thought I would still make a post about it since I like to collect these kind of memories here on the blog. It’s like my dairy and I can admit that I’ve missed blogging quite a bit. I hope you guys like that I’m back as well;)

4:54 | April 21, 2017

Lacing trumpet sleeve

kristin sundberg x na-kd,My Collection

Top from my collection here!

Have totally forgot to show you this piece from my collection, it was kinda hidden on the website so I totally forgot about it. But I just love how @xodjo have styled it in this picture so I just had to share it and it comes in dusty pink as well 🙂

Btw, hey babes!

In this moment of writing time is 04.45 am. Yep, my worst jetlag so far in my life I think. I’ve slept for total 6 hours in 2 days. Anton and Turtle is sleeping next to me and I’m so mad I can’t go back to sleep lol. I’m gonna give it one last try after I’ve finished this post but I had already tried for over 2 hours when I gave up and opened my computer to get some work done instead. Only good thing is that nothing can distract you at 5 am in the morning so I do get a lot of work done!;)

However, I’m having my girls over for dinner tonight and I’m so freaking excited to see them again! A few of them came to visits us in Vancouver but some of them I haven’t seen in 9 months! Aaah!

10:04 | April 20, 2017

“Get Beachy”

My Collection

Honey tee from Here!


Bikini tops from here!


Bikini top from Here! | Bikini bottom here!


Ribbed Bikini top from Here!


Burgundy bikini top here! | Bottom here!


Cross back bikini top here! | Yellow bikini from from here!

I can’t even describe how happy and grateful I am right now! Two days ago was the launch of my collection and I’ve got the best responds from all of you! Thank you so so much for making all this possible for me, I would never have been here if it wasn’t for you guys so thank you! <3 And thanks for all the amazing words and support about the collection!
I know that the banana leaf print bikini sold out really quick but now they’ve restocked with a different back (cross back). And don’t forget to use the code Kristin20 for a discount! xx

19:47 | March 17, 2017

Don’t miss my collection release

My Collection

Hey darlings!

Now you can register your email to be noticed when my collection will be launched, we had to push it to early april since the whole collection wasn’t done. But I’m so excited that you now can register your email here to be noticed when my collection drops and you’ll also get 20% off your purchase!
It looks like I’ll be going to hawaii next week to start shooting my collection so I will bring you along with me on my instagram story and I’m so excited to hear your responds about my collection! 🙂


Hej vänner!

Nu kan ni registrera er mail så att ni inte missar när min kollektion släpps i början på April, tanken var att den skulle släppas i slutet på mars men eftersom hela kollektionen inte var klar så var vi tvungen att pusha fram de lite till. Men den som väntar på något gott, visst?;) Jag är iallafall så pepp att ni kan registrera er mail HÄR redan nu så att ni inte missar när kollektionen släpps plus att ni som registrera er kommer få 20% på hela ert köp! 🙂 


2:44 | January 13, 2017

Exciting News!!

My Collection
kristin-sundberg-for-na-kd kristin-sundberg-for-na-kd-2

I’m super happy to announce that I’m going to release my first collection in collaboration with NA-KD!! Wii! I’ve been working on this for months now and I’ve been so excited to share the news with you guys!
Above you can see a tiny sneak peak on what’s going to come and I’m so excited to show you the whole collection later on.

So guys, mark March in your calendars! yayy!! x


Jag är så himla glad att jag äntligen kan berätta för er att jag kommer att släppa min helt egna kollektion i samarbete med NA-KD!! Har jobbat med detta i flera månader nu och jag har bara längtat tills dagen jag fick droppa nyheten för er. Ovan ser ni en pytteliten smygtitt på vad som kommer komma men jag är så spänd på att få visa er hela kollektionen framöver.
Så markera Mars i era kalendrar vänner för då släpper Kristin Sundberg by NA-KD! Puss! 😀